Help Re-Cycle celebrate their 20th Anniversary

Re-Cycle are celebrating their 20th anniversary this year and they are appealing for people to donate their old bikes to help them reach their target of sending 100,000 bikes to Africa by July 2018. Perhaps you’re having a spring clean and could help this local charity?

Local cycling shop, Cycle Revolution in Peartree Business Park, is holding a ‘trade in’ promotion in aid of Re-Cycle and they are offering customers up to £750 off their new bike or an accessories voucher when they donate their old unwanted bike until the end of April. Find out more at Cycle-Revolution Trade In Promotion

Re-Cycle is also due to attend a few events this year to celebrate their anniversary. On Sunday 29 April they will have a promotional stand at Essex and Herts Air Ambulance’s Colne Valley Cycle Ride at Earls Colne. Re-Cycle are also inviting people to join #TeamReCycle and complete the Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 100 on their behalf on Sunday 29 July. Find out more about the Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 100

Finally Re-Cycle are holding their monthly bike sale on Saturday 28 April where they have plenty of refurbished bikes available to buy!

News from the Bike Kitchens
Our Bike Kitchens in Colchester and Wivenhoe are always happy to hear from potential volunteers. If you like doing repairs, and more importantly are good at showing others how to do it, please get in touch with Cycle Colchester, or contact the Bike Kitchens direct.

Colchester Bike Kitchen is open on the first and third week of each month (Saturdays: 1-4pm and Wednesdays: 6:30-8:30pm). All our events are listed on Facebook. This month, we’re looking for more bikes for local Syrian families. In particular we need children’s bikes for an 11 year old girl, 9 year old boy and 12 year old boy. Their father will be getting one of the pool bikes donated by CBC once he’s completed his Bikeability training, but he doesn’t want to be the only family member who can enjoy getting out for a bike ride! If you can help contact or call Pam on 07812 209862

Wivenhoe Bike Kitchen will be running bicycle maintenance sessions over the coming months. Join their email list or like them on Facebook to keep in the loop.  Their workshop in St John’s Road is open every single Monday 7pm to 9pm and Saturday 2pm to 4pm come rain or shine when you can drop by and get help to look after your bike, from pumping tyres to major surgery! Jo 07926 463568

Both bike kitchens operate on a donations basis.

WBK have also given us the following info about places for the Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 100 if you can raise £350 sponsorship for MS-UK, see

St Helena Hospice Coast to Coast Challenge
And here’s another cycling challenge. This year, St Helena Hospice has organised their own Coast to Coast challenge, a 250 mile cycle ride across three days (6-9 September) from Clacton Pier to Portishead Harbour in Somerset. Contact Sarah Phillips to reserve your place on 01206 931468 or email

Find out more about the itinerary for the challenge.

Essex Police

PC Rosanna Walker tells us that two adult males have recently been charged with handling stolen bikes in Colchester, in a case that the Community Policing team have been working on since September 2017. It involves quite a few bikes, so it’s a good result, and the offenders will be summoned to Court fairly soon. Rosanna would like your help in publicising this, to increase awareness that handling stolen goods is an offence, and to reduce the options that thieves have to dispose of bikes.

See Essex Police advice on cycle security and look out for their next campaign in May, when local retailers (Colchester Cycle Stores, Cycle Evolution / Revolution and Globe G Sports) will be offering up to 20% instore discount on Essex Police approved Sold Secure locks.

Do you cycle to work in north Colchester?

We’re keen to hear from people who cycle commute to Colchester Business Park and Severalls, and who might consider acting as cycle buddies to colleagues. We are working with employers there to try and reduce single occupancy car use. There’s some resistance to our suggestion that the congestion is caused by too many people choosing to drive to work, without considering the sustainable alternatives (which are better for their own health and wellbeing too). Some employers have suggested that it’s scandalous that staff have to leave work at staggered times during the afternoon to avoid traffic jams. But we call it flexitime, and it’s highly effective in reducing rush hour traffic jams where the nature of the business allows it.

Cycle Safety Review

Cycling UK President Jon Snow said, “If you make cycling safer and, at the same time, address perceptions that it’s unsafe, it’s not just cyclists who benefit.” These words echo the prelude to Cycling UK’s cycle safety campaign #whywouldntyou which launched this week and gives six simple ways we can address the problem of cycle safety and at the same time get the Government to listen to our recommendations. Cycling UK says, “We’ve created a report and have spoken to some of the people who’ve been tragically affected by these issues – you can see this in our video. If want to make a change to cycle safety in the UK, then take action today #whywouldntyou…”

Heatwave heaven or heatwave hell

What a great week, last week was for sweating it out on your bike! Whether you’re a tanning pro or a shade of lobster, we know you’ll be gearing up for a pedal in the exceptional weather we’ve been having or is yet to come. You’re probably already aware of some of these cycling secrets, but Cycling UK shares some top tips for staying cool on your bike, everything from freezing ahead to getting in plenty of rest stops.

Let’s rescue Britain’s forgotten 1930s protected cycleways.

This Kickstarter project has now secured a promotional tie-up with Soreen and the malt-loaf brand will be plugging the project’s blog and also a freshly baked petition to the Department for Transport. Carlton Reid is trying to prod the DfT into some action and it would help if you could add your name to his petition. Perhaps the DfT will take a bit more notice once the project has appeared on mainstream TV?

Cyclists make better drivers, says new study

A recent study has found that cyclists consistently make better drivers than other road users. The study, which was funded by the Institute of Transport Economics, found thatcyclists know the dangers of the road and that knowledge translates to their driving behaviour, and how often they use their phone while driving.

GoCab – it’s a cycle-powered cab for kids!

The GoCab is a bike taxi with electric power assist for pedalling which can carry eight children safely. It’s Dutch of course, but we couldn’t resist sharing the picture above and video!

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