PN: Tell me a bit about why you wanted to do the Learn to Ride course?

JA: At the end of Yr 5 I was looking forward to the summer, but a bit anxious about the school’s Bikeability course in September as I was 10 and couldn’t ride a bike. Also, we had a Key Stage 2 performance at the University over the summer, and we wanted to use the new cycle path to get there. So I just added it to my list of things I wanted to do over the summer.

PN: That sounds an interesting idea, what else was on your list?

JA: Sleep with the door shut; go to the new Aquafun class; go on a 6 mile bike ride; get my teeth fixed; see my old child minder; make a big cake; try some new food; get my hair cut in a different style; and learn to tie a tie as you can wear one in year 6!

KA: My parents taught my son William to ride; he’s studying at Colchester Institute and uses his bike as a practical way of getting about. But when we tried to teach James, he just didn’t seem to pick it up very easily, so I Googled and found out about Cycle Colchester and the Bikeability training.

JA: My grandparents came with me to the lesson, and some of the children were younger than me, so that was a bit worrying. But I got a really big surprise when the instructor turned up, and it was my friend Hayden’s mum! She was brilliant, it only took me five or ten minutes, and then off I went and I only fell off twice. And only one of the falls hurt a bit, that was when I was signalling and went through a puddle.

KA: We went along the new cycle route to the University and back the same night, and the next night we went to school and back, so that was about a mile on each ride.

JA: And then we went camping at Clippesby Hall, and there was even a cycle route at the campsite, so we did some more cycling.

PN: So tell me about your six mile ride, did you manage to do that?

JA: Yes, we did it in the last week of the holidays. We went along the cycle path to the University, down Boundary Road, past B&Q, over the Hythe bridge, and then picked up the Wivenhoe Trail back to the station, and then back up the High Street.

PN: So how are you feeling now about the Bikeability training at school?

JA: I think it’s going to be fine, it’s next Thursday and Friday, and I’m doing it with all my friends. And I’ll know the instructor!

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