Christina told us “As parents, we’d tried to teach Finn to ride, but he had zero confidence, even just sitting on a bike. The Bikeability Learn to Ride training really worked wonders.

By chance, the instructor Chris was another Wivenhoe mum, and her daughter goes to the same school as Finn, so that helped.

She started by just getting him to balance on the bike, taking things really slowly. Earlier, someone had talked about taking the pedals off the bike when they got home, to use it like a balance bike, and I was thinking we’d probably have to do this, and then get Chris to do another session.

What was amazing was that just as I was thinking this, Finn did a big circuit of the playground! I really didn’t think it was going to happen, and then suddenly in the last fifteen minutes it just clicked.

We’re very involved with the local Scouts, and we’re going to Holland for a week with them in the summer, and will be cycling to places, so this has been a huge help.”

And the last word from Finn? “I recommend it to any young person who needs to learn to ride their bike”

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