City Centre Shared eBike Hub

The City Centre eCargo Bike Library Pay As You Go shared Bike Hub is located in Portal Precinct (via the courtyard entrance off Sir Isaac’s Walk between Fast-Stitch and Tea Rose Café opposite Noa Noa – postcode CO1 1JJ) in the new Secure Bike Park.

Spokesafe, who also operate the  Secure Bike Park are managing the bookings and payment on behalf of the Council.

eBikes and eCargo Bikes can be booked at Colchester eCargo Bike library – Bike Hire ( but before you make a booking you need to complete Adult Advanced Cycle Training and an induction (see Getting ready to join below)

A £50 deposit will be held in case of late return or damage. The hirer can opt to pay this when they join the scheme, returnable if they leave. Alternatively the hirer can pay a deposit each they hire a bike, returnable when the bike is returned on time and with no damage.

Bikes available for rent include:

  • Raleigh eBike– standard electric bike with spacious storage bags
  • Riese & Muller Multicharger– this is a like a standard electric bike, however it is longer at the back and has extra large storage bags. You can also fit two children on the back, one behind the other, with safety bars
  • Bakfiet long eCargo bike– this traditional cargo bike can carry up to 4 children in the front and has 4 seat belts. The front seats can be removed to provide lots of space for shopping or bulky items. It also has a rain cover for covering children and goods.
  • Riese and Muller Load 75 eCargo bike– this cargo bike can carry two children, shopping or bulky items. It includes two seatbelts and a padded cushion for the children to sit on. It has a rain cover for covering goods and kids!




Portal Precinct, Sir Isaac’s Walk, Colchester CO1 1JJ

(Portal Precinct is accessed via the courtyard entrance off Sir Isaac’s Walk between Fast-Stitch and Tea Rose Café opposite Noa Noa)

Opening times

7am to 10pm 7 days a week

Introductory bike hire rates

£3.00 minimum booking up to 2 hours

£4.50 up to 3 hours

£6.00  up to 4 hours

£10.00 daily rental over 4 hours

£50 deposit

Three steps to join (see further information below)

Completion of Adult Advanced Cycle Training

eBike/Cargo Bike Induction

Agreement of Terms and Conditions

Raleigh eBike

Riese & Muller eMulticharger

Bakfiet Long eCargo bike

Riese and Muller Load 75 eCargo bike

Getting ready to join

Riding an ebike and cargo bike is different to riding a normal bike as they are heavier, faster and in the case of cargo bikes longer and able to carry up to 100kg.

To assure the Council that hirers of the ebikes are confident and competent to cycle, all members are required to complete an Advanced Adult Cycle course which trains to National Cycling Standards. The course is free and is provided one to one in an area of your choice. Please only book if you intend to attend your training session. We still have to pay for cancellations which depletes our funding and means less people can benefit.  Essex County Council provides the training. You can book here Register Interest (

Advanced Cycle Training Course

Book your free cycle training course here. Register Interest (

You will need a bike and a helmet. If you are already an experienced cyclist it is likely to take one to two hours. If you are less experienced a bit longer.

If you don’t have a bicycle to do the training on please email and we will see if we can help.

Useful Links

Spokesafe’s web booking page
Colchester eCargo Bike library – Bike Hire (

User Guide eCargo Bike Hire User Guide

Frequently Asked Questions eCargo Bike Hire FAQs

Once you have completed your Advanced Cycle Training course:

Email to arrange an induction

Read and sign the Terms and ConditionseCargo Bike Hire Terms & Conditions V2 

Email your completed Terms and Conditions to

Once everything is complete, we will confirm to Spokesafe and yourself by email that you can start hiring the bikes.

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