eCargo Bikes

An electric cargo bike, often called an eCargo bike, is an electric bike with purpose-built storage. The bikes come in different shapes and sizes to suit whatever is being transported, whether that be food, parcels, heavy goods and children too!

They provide convenient, affordable and green transport to anyone interested in:

  • Saving money on fuel and running costs by reducing vehicle use
  • Becoming more active and healthy
  • Lowering personal and business carbon footprints
  • Improving the air we breathe

Below are some examples of different types of eCargo Bike.

eBike and eCargo Bike Services

Colchester City Council and community partners have set up a number of services to provide residents and businesses with the chance to use or try out eBikes and eCargo Bikes.

Try Before You Buy access to eBikes and eCargo Bikes

Try Out an eBike and eCargo Bike

We will have eBikes and eCargo Bikes for you to Try Out at the following free events over the summer 2024. Come along and enjoy a fun family day out and look out for the Cycle Colchester stall.

Friday 24th May – Ride London, Holly Trees Lawn, Upper Castle Park, 1pm to 4pm

Saturday 1st June – Monkwick Family Fun Day, 1pm to 4pm

Saturday 31st August – New Town community day, Old Heath Recreation Ground, 11am – 4pm

Pay As You Go access to eBikes and eCargo Bikes

For information about other shared transport services such as On Street pay as you go eCars, eScooters and eBikes visit Active and Sustainable travel choices

Raleigh Motus

Bakfiet Long

Includes removable rain cover and seatbelts for children

Raleigh stride


Includes removable rain cover and seatbelts for children

Riese & Muller 40


Riese and Muller Load 75

Includes removable rain cover and seatbelts for children

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