8 top tips on how to ride in snow and ice

Snow and ice can make cycling quite perilous, so you may want to choose to walk your journey instead. But if you’re determined to cycle, here are some tips from Sustrans for safe cycling.

Active Essex wants to help us promote cycling activity in Colchester

The Active Essex website has a great Activity Finder facility for promoting local sports clubs and groups across the county – but currently there’s not a single cycling activity listed in Colchester! So please help us to rectify this, and make sure that people can see the wide range of options available. Active Essex say they like clubs to sign up themselves, as they found that when they previously added details the information soon became outdated. So organisers just need to sign up here and would like to add your organisation or session details on our Activity finder, please Sign Up here. It’s free and has been designed by clubs, for clubs, so it is very simple to use and can be used to promote your opportunities from training sessions, to come-and-try sessions, open days and one-off events.

Do you have an unwanted bike that would suit a tall 15 year old?

We’re still looking for an unwanted bike that would suit a tall 15 year old Syrian refugee, so if you’re getting a new one for Christmas, could you help him gain independence and make his Christmas a merry one? Email pam.nelson@colchester.gov.uk if you can help.

New managing director for Re-Cycle

Vince Langdon-Morris has recently been appointed as the new managing director for Re-Cycle. With extensive experience in Africa he has seen first-hand the life changing differences that a bike can make to a poor household. Find out more about Vince and the good work Re-Cycle do sending bikes to Africa.

Did you Beat The Street on your bike?

The recent Beat The Street game in Colchester was a huge success, encouraging lots of families and friends to do more walking and cycling in order to gain points by tapping beat boxes around the town. In total, Colchester players travelled an amazing 99,979 miles in 7 weeks. The project co-ordinator, Amelia Carroll, has some great case studies from the winning teams, but she’s particularly keen to hear from cyclists who took part. If you have a story to share about how Beat The Street got you doing more miles on your bike, please contact Amelia by email (amelia.carroll@intelligenthealth.co.uk) or telephone 07557 395412.

What does the Bike Life 2017 report from Sustrans have to say about cycling in cities?

Bike Life is the UK’s biggest assessment of city cycling development, delivered by Sustrans in collaboration with seven major UK cities. Inspired by the Copenhagen Bicycle Account, it looks at infrastructure, travel behaviour, satisfaction, the impact of cycling, and new initiatives.

Bike Life 2017 showed strong support for cycling by residents in Belfast, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Manchester and Newcastle. Almost four in five residents support building more protected cycle lanes on our streets, even when this could mean less space for other vehicles. And 64% of residents said they would find these routes very useful to help them start cycling or cycle more. With such strong demand from the public, what does the evidence say about protected bike lanes? Read the evidence here

And finally, here’s some information to share with friends, family or colleagues when it comes to making New Year resolutions!

A new study by the University of Copenhagen has found that cycling to work is just as effective for losing weight as going to the gym five times a week. 130 overweight people took part in the study and those who commuted to work by bike shed almost as much weight as those who embarked on a specific weight-fitness regime. So, as long as you don’t eat lots of cake in the office, commuting to work by bike could help you lose pounds. 


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