Colchester Rovers offer a number of activities over the winter months if you like the sportier side of cycling.

  • Cyclo-X training, suitable for all abilities, takes place on alternate Saturdays at 09:30 (next session 12th December) at Hilly Fields.
  • Roller and turbo training, open to all ages is on every Thursday at Colchester stadium at 18:30, however you need your own turbo/rollers and bike.
  • Weather permitting there are long distance,  fast rides every weekend.
    • Saturday morning, around 40-50 miles at 15mph with a cake stop
    •  Sunday morning, 50 miles plus at 18mph.

For more details about all of these activities visit the Rovers facebook group.

The Stanway cycle package public consultation is being held at Stanway School in Winstree Road between 4 and 8pm on the 10th December. The cycle improvements package will offer either segregated or on road designated cycling facilities for cyclists who are not confident to cycle on the road. Try and go along if you live or regularly cycle through the area, as views from local cyclists are important to make sure the right facilities are implemented.

Bikeability ‘Learn to Ride’ sessions are for children or adults who are unable to cycle. This includes those struggling to master the skill, children who are ready to make the move to riding with pedals after Bikeability Balance, or adults who have never learnt to cycle.

There are 15 places available on a first come first served basis. The single session will be for 45 minutes at a ratio of 1:1 or 1:2. If you or someone you know would be interested in this please email .

Bringing you some articles of interest from outside Colchester..

Carrying on the Christmas theme, if you fancy something cycle related but a bit different this Christmas, London Cyclist has put together a list of interesting gadgets, equipment and accessories that you might like to add to your Christmas wish list!

If you do buy a new bike for Christmas, then keeping it secure is a priority. We came across this video by CityPolice which really illustrates why investing in a decent D- lock is essential plus gives some useful advice.

Finally a town in Italy is piloting a new scheme which will financially incentivise some of its residents to cycle as part of its efforts to make the area ‘more liveable’ Cycle mileage will be measured using smartphone aps. Cyclists will be paid 25 cents per km travelled up to a monthly cap of 50 euros (£35) The scheme will be financed from parking ticket fines. Read more about this interesting pilot to incentivise cycling

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