So he called Mike of CBK for advice. “I happened to have a near identical frame at home I was looking to get rid of,” Mike told us, “so I suggested he come down to the bike kitchen on Friday and I’d help him transfer all the components over to the “new” frame.

We met at noon on the Friday, and spent the next three hours stripping his old frame down, and moving things over piece by piece. Tristan is able to do brake cables himself, but not much else, and by the end of it he had a pretty decent understanding of how everything worked.

We paid a visit to Evanson Bike Works to get his bottom bracket shell re threaded, and Colchester Cycle Stores to get a few little extras to finish it off, but everything was put together at CBK.

By the end of it, Tristan was able to ride away on his freshly built bike, having learned loads in the process! It was loads of fun, and it’s the kind of cool project I’d love to see more of.”

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