Want your bike fixed? Visit a local Bike Kitchen and be a part of Cycling UK’s Big Bike Revival!

This month we’re focusing not on an individual cyclist, but two invaluable community organisations, Wivenhoe Bike Kitchen and Colchester Bike Kitchen, whose volunteers help keep local bikes roadworthy. Their purpose is totally in harmony with Cycling UK’s Big Bike Revival, and so both have been awarded funding to help promote the campaign. If your bike is languishing in the shed, let them help you check it over and get it working, so you can enjoy cycling again. They can’t wait to show you the shiny new tools they’ve bought! Volunteers at both locations offer really useful sessions to help you fix up, donate or learn more about taking care of your bike.

Wivenhoe Bike Kitchen (WBK)
Open 2-4pm Saturdays and 7-9pm Mondays (corner of The Folly and St John’s Road on the Cook’s shipyard estate) apart from closing Sat 6 Aug .

  • Saturday 20 Aug: open 12 noon-5pm as part of the exciting new ArtSeaMusic Festival
  • Saturday 3 Sept: open 11am-4pm with ‘Back to School Bike Checks’ for parents and children.

Any visitor to WBK completing a Big Bike Revival survey has a chance to win £250 vouchers for a high street shop or supermarket of their choice!

Colchester Bike Kitchen (CBK)
Open 1-4pm, first and third Saturdays at the Waiting Room (old bus station, Queen Street)

CBK says “big thanks” to WBK, ECC and Andy Woolf …
CBK is the new kid on the block and owes a lot to WBK volunteers who shared all they knew about what makes them so successful. Next Andy Woolf from ATW Cycle Repairs volunteered to do a monthly Dr Bike session to see if there was enough demand for bike repairs – there was! Funding for tools came from Essex County Council, who also support WBK, and CBK were up and running.

New plans go on show to public in Colchester. Colchester residents are being given an opportunity to see new plans for Lexden Road. The proposals will be on show at Colchester Royal Grammar School next Wednesday 3 August between 4pm and 7.30pm

14 August – Cycling UK Colchester’s annual 40km or 40 mile Essex CTC Inter-Group Competition event is intended to encourage new rides to join the riding group and includes refreshments stops. Find out more on the local Cycling UK website

The route starts at 09:30 from Playgolf in Colchester and has a 5 or 6 hour time limit. Small entrance fee applies. For more information visit the Colchester Cycling UK website

Summer holiday family cycling activities
To keep active and have fun together don’t forget the Cycling Centurion Treasure Trail in High Woods country park. You can cycle or walk the trail and there is real treasure at the end once you have completed the trail, working out the clues and the location of the treasure by a process of elimination. There is also a secret code to work out so that you can get into the treasure when you find it!  If you give it a go, we would really welcome your feedback.

Another great family cycling adventure over the summer – join in The Cake Escape: With five cafés in Colchester, The Cake Escape offers a great, local family adventure on bikes to do over the spring and summer. Collecting stamps at each bike friendly café, you receive a free piece of cake at café number 5! Sign up for your log book at The Cake Escape

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