It’s been a funny old month hasn’t it? Some of us are now working from home, others are furloughed and others are carrying on in essential roles. No matter what you’re doing, thank you for doing your bit to keep us all safe and hopefully riding a bike is keeping you active and happy! We’ve got plenty of news this month, mostly on a theme you’d expect, so if you’d rather steer clear of that then we fully understand!

There’s no new interview this month but if you haven’t already then we really recommend you go back and have a read of last month’s with Re~Cycle volunteer Richard. His enthusiasm for the charity and riding his bike is infectious (if you’ll excuse the term!)

Jane’s Walk 2020
Sadly this year’s physical walks have been cancelled due to the lockdown, but there’s work going on behind the scenes to create a virtual walking festival embracing the spirit of the Jane’s Walk weekend. The team are looking for people to share their solo and household walks, mapping or drawing walks, and any suggestions for films and books on the Jane’s Walk themes.

Find out more on the Jane’s Walk website

Cycling UK – is it safe to cycle?
Cycling UK are maintaining a Coronavirus Q&A page so you can minimise your risk as an individual, and protect others. At the moment government advice is that cycling is safe to do on your own or with members of your own household. It’s also really important to keep active. Read the full page on their website here

Can I still cycle?
Yes! Cycling is a great way to keep yourself fit and healthy, especially if you’re currently working from home. If like us you’re not getting your daily exercise fix from walking or cycling to work then heading out for a spin before or after work is even more important. The roads are pretty quiet right now and with the clocks changing we can grab that extra hour too so it’s a fantastic opportunity to get some miles in on the pedals. Remember though, group rides are absolutely off the table unless you’re out with members of your own household.

And of course, we know there’s still plenty of people still travelling to essential workplaces, and we want to express our enormous gratitude that they’re working so hard to keep things as normal for the rest of us as possible. We hope you’re able to keep riding to work.

Be safe, but keep turning those pedals!

Free Cycling UK membership for NHS staff
Cycling UK are offering free 3 months of membership to NHS staff which offers free third-party insurance and legal advice as well as other benefits. With clear roads and advice to avoid public transport, now is a great time to try cycling to work. Check out the Cycling UK site for full details.

Local bicycle charity Re~Cycle are currently closed to the public but are still gratefully accepting donations of bikes. Maybe you’ve treated yourself to a new steed to take advantage of the quiet roads, or you’re using some extra time at home to finally clear out the shed? If you’d like to donate a bike, please just park it in the rack outside their warehouse at the front of the building. It is monitored regularly, so your bike will be safely stored away inside until activities can resume.

Unfortunately Re~Cycle have also had to cancel their sportive in conjunction with VC Revolution that was planned for 19th April. This will be rescheduled but it’s likely to be next year.

The whole team would like to send good wishes to all their supporters and hope that they stay safe and well at home during this difficult time.

Bike Life Report
Read the Sustrans Bike Life Report, it’s chock full of evidence for the benefits of cycling through assessment of cities and urban areas across the UK and Ireland. They have published a report for areas across the country, looking at infrastructure, travel behaviour, the impact of cycling and new initiatives. Check it out here

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