about us

We’re here to keep you up to date with what’s happening locally to promote and support cycling. Whether you’re a beginner, looking to cycle more, a club rider, or just about getting from a to b, our objective is to encourage more people to cycle more often.

We aim to:

  • Put you in touch with local cycling groups and organisations who can help you cycle more, give you advice and support and offer you different ways to enjoy cycling
  • Keep you informed of local cycling events and activities
  • Keep you up to date with improvements and developments of the local cycling network
  • Introduce you to local cyclists from all walks of life, who will share with you why they love to cycle!

We send out a monthly e-newsletter with what’s coming up for cycling in Colchester, so if you’ve got anything to include please get in touch, or sign up to the newsletter to receive it straight to your inbox.

This is a legacy of the Cycle Town 2008 – 2011 project.

Ready to cycle?

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