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Alex McNulty

We spoke to Alex McNulty about his journey from commuter to long distance rider, and how he ditched his car in favour of a bike.

Anne Dew

This time we’ve been talking to Anne Dew, about cycling with her husband Bodo and the Cycling Gang, all in their seventies and eighties, who have shared annual cycling holidays in Europe since 1999.


Ashley Parmenter

Self-confessed petrolhead Ashley Parmenter learned to drive a car before he tried riding a bike at the age of 19. He likes having a car for long journeys but thinks the bike is best for short trips. And learning to cycle has also provided him with some interesting jobs.

Ben Paton

Ben Paton is a life-long cyclist. “My uncle did cyclo-cross,” he says, “and ultimately I think I have to give him the credit for getting me started as a club cyclist.” Ben is a member of Colchester Rovers and Amis Vélo, as well as a Dr Bike and cycle coach.

Billie Fleming

Although this month’s profile of a cyclist is not about someone local, we thought you might enjoy reading about Billie Fleming, the young woman who set a new world record in cycling that still stands 70 years later…

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