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For children nine years and upwards, introducing them to cycling on quiet roads.
Starting from Greenstead Library at 10:30  and ending at 12:30pm
45 minute sessions for adults and children struggling to ride or who have never learnt to cycle.
Cycle Colchester will be at Firstsite between 12noon and 4pm promoting cycling as part of Black...

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Read Wolf's insirational story about how cycling has transformed his mobility. Find out about the e-bikes he has built, his campaigning for better cycle links particularly between towns and his lobbying for ebikes to be recognised as a mobility aid. 'Getting the bus is causing me big problems, but cycling is good. Going to work by bus I’m sitting down for an hour and a half and I’d have to take painkillers before going to work, but not when I’m cycling.'

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This month we talk to Wolf Simpson about how using bikes and more recently e-bikes has transformed his mobility and how far he can travel without suffering pain.

Thanks to everyone who has given us feedback on the Cycle Colchester website, your comments have been really helpful. We would still like to hear from more of you, so if you can spare a few minutes please complete our short survey.

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In light of Wolf’s inspirational story, we share some e-bike brands and local suppliers as recommended by local Cycle Colchester subscribers.

Events this month include Freshers Fair at the University, St Helena Hospice’s charity bike ride, Cycle Colchester at the Black History month event at Firstsite, and a family bike ride from Greenstead.

Sustrans are looking for more volunteers locally, go along to their ‘Tappas and tea’ event at Firstsite to find out more.

Bikeability sessions are on offer  in the October half term, including Learn to Ride and combined levels 1 & 2. They will be held at Gosbecks primary school in Shrub End.

There is also the opportunity for one to one adult confidence sessions to build your skills and confidence cycling on roads where you live.

We share further lessons learnt from commuting to work; and in the wake of the Charlie Alliston case, we highlight Cycling UK’s concerns following the DfT’s announcement regarding an urgent review into cycling offences.

If you are taking part in Beat the Street, are you following their social media and have you signed up to their newsletter to receive info on latest bonus tap chances and more.

Finally we share with you Chris Juden's original thoughts on why cyclists prefer to keep moving, rather than stopping and starting!


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